About Shanghai Youngjet

Shanghai Youngjet Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional in making wire & cable coiling and packing machineries. We founded in 2002 by the technical team from Taiwan who have more than 30 years experience in wire and cable industry. Shanghai Youngjet not only has professional team members from Taiwan but also own the best resource in China. No matter in new product develops or seeks the best quality and efficiency, Shanghai Youngjet provides you the best machines and service.

Shanghai Youngjet insists our belief – Reliability, Efficiency, and Flexibility. To make machines best for customers. We supply COILER, WRAPPER, CROSS WINDER, SPOOLER, and many coiling and wrapping solutions. Not only help many international wire and cable manufactures gain the best efficiency on invest, but also earn their reliability. To service more customers, we also supply EXTRUDER, PAY-OFF, and ACCUMULATOR to complete a production line for customers.


Technology based, market oriented, and constantly introducing new products to meet customer and market needs.

Investment in core technology innovation and new product development is closely following the rapidly changing international market.


We advocate a consensus of interests among customers, employees and partners, and strive to be customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and partner satisfaction.