January 1, 2020
Cable Winding Machine
Cable Winding Machine
January 1, 2020

Cable Coiling Machine Manufacturer


Cable Coiling Machine Manufacturer in China

Shanghai Youngjet Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional in making wire & cable coiling and packing types of machinery. We founded in 2002 by the technical team from Taiwan, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the wire and cable industry. We have been in the business since 2002 and are counted as a high-quality cable coiling machine manufacturer. We are a technological enterprise with modern management. Shanghai Youngjet Precision Machinery Co., Limited is located at Jinhai Road, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian, District Shanghai.

The company provides cable extruder, cable cooling and wrapping machine, cable coiling machine, semi-auto coiling machine, cross winder for LAN cable coiling, heat shrink packaging machine, and much more. You can know complete details about our products by clicking the “Products” tab.

The company has advanced information management tools and efficient managerial mode with a group of professional and technical staff as well as powerful R&D capability. High-quality performance, scientific manufacturing process, and rigorous testing flow, after-sales customer service win the wide praise and trust from the customers at home and abroad.

Best Cable Coiling Machine Manufacturer

You can adopt touch-screen and PLC to control the coiling machine automatically. The human-computer interface operation is smooth. The traversing system is adopted Serve motor so that the cable’s coil is orderly and look good. Computerized memory can easily store 100 various specifications of the coil.

When you require to change the product specs, you select the specifications of the data stored. You do not need input again. Our machine could be used by an extrusion line or with the pay-off machine. As a prominent cable coiling machine manufacturer, we provide high-quality coiling equipment. We are a cable equipment manufacturer. By doing business with us, you can get the services of professional engineers, long-term research, and development for cable equipment. Through us, you get a high-frequency capacity machine. We guarantee the all-weather machine running. We have won the trust of numerous customers in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, and Hebei.

High precision, seamless speed regulation, high-speed work, instantaneous reversing, good assembly, and easy to disassemble; we take pride in proclaiming: “credit first, customer first” for business purposes. The establishment of a sound sales procedure to provide customers with speedy and convenient services, our products have been in the leading position in China for many years. We advocate a keen interest among customers, employees and business partners. We warmly welcome every new and old customer who is working as a cable coiling machine manufacturer.

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