January 2, 2020
January 2, 2020

Cable Extruder


Cable Extruder Manufacturer in China

Shanghai Youngjet Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional wire & cable extruder manufacturer. We were established in 2002 by the technical team from Taiwan, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the wire and cable industry. We are recognized in the cabling industry as a high-quality cable extruder supplier. We offer our customers a broad range of cable extruder that is made as per various types of cable compounds.

The compounds include PVC, PE, HDPE, LD, XPLE, and Nylon. These cable compounds are used for Sheathing, Insulation. Jacketing and Skinning of cables like XLPE cables, power cable, telephone cables, control cables, quad cables, railway signaling cables, cables, instrumentation, and switchboard cables.

Cable Extrusion is a manufacturing procedure for shaping molten plastic. The various process still existing as per the different compounds demanded by the market. The most used method is used for the thermosetting and thermoplastic materials where internal machine friction and an external heat supply through heat resistors are exploited for the transformation of in-feed base stuff into a finished or semi-finished product.

The Extruders are transmitted via a helical extruder gearbox with an in-built thrust assembly to endure back pressure load provided by the screw rod. Moreover, the gearbox is fitted through-hardened and ground gears, which are made through tested alloy steel to ensure soundless and pulsation-free delivery, on high torque and RPM.

Best Cable Extruder Manufacturer

We are renowned for our extruders’ features. The concentricity of our wire is more than 90%. Barrel and screw are made up of 38CRMOAIA alloy steel that has high-level rigidity, high anti-abrasive performance, and is durable. Tandem insulation can produce two layers of cable quickly. Youngjet has vast experience in the cable extrusion alongside the wire and cable sector, so it can easily design and produce an innovative cable extrusion solution, entirely integrated into your existing production and control system. We also offer a revolutionary solution for production increasing due to the best extruder output available on the market, flexible applications, scrap, and setup time reduction. As a prominent cable extruder manufacturer, our wire and cable extrusion lines reach high levels of flexibility and productivity.

We offer you modern and updated software technologies along with top quality resistant components. Customers’ needs and industry requirements are our focus. We also have our Quality Assurance (QA) department. QA makes sure that none of our passes through with even slightest of defects. To get quality extruders, you have to choose us as your cable extruder manufacturer.


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