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January 1, 2020
January 1, 2020

Cable Winding Machine


Best Cable Winding Machine Manufacturer

Shanghai Youngjet Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a leading cable winding machine manufacturer. The company was established in 2002 by the technical team from Taiwan, who had more than 30 years’ experience in the wire and cable industry. We are renowned in the cabling industry as a high-quality coiling manufacturer. We are a technological enterprise with modern management. Shanghai Youngjet Precision Machinery Co., Limited is located at Jinhai Road, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian, District Shanghai.

The company provides cable extruder, cable cooling and wrapping machine, cable coiling machine, semi-auto coiling machine, cross winder for LAN cable coiling, heat shrink packaging machine, and much more. You can know complete details about our products by clicking the “Products” tab.

The cable winding machine is a manually operated machine that combines coiling, payout, and reeling – all in one unit. The device is adjusted with two techniques of payout, namely adjustable drum rollers for a bigger diameter drum, and the drum shaft for damaged or lighter drums.

The cable is fed from the payout drum via a calibrated calculating head to the machine’s dispatch side. It can be paid onto a coiling head that allows the cable to be erased in a coil, or alternatively onto plywood drums for dispatch to your client. Our coiling cable winding machine is simple in operation. The entire frame is mounted on four castors, making it mobile around the warehouse. When working, a braking system prevents movement.

Cable Winding Machine Manufacturer in China

Our winding machines provide distinct features. For example, our programmable winding devices comprise electronic panels along with displays. The panels allow the user to program all winding parameters to specific needs. All the mentioned features make us the best cable winding machine manufacturer.

Also, the display screen permits the user to search for the method utilizing data such as drawing, name, and part number. Some models are also designed with touchscreen displays. Touch displays lead to massive savings in terms of both parameter input and time. The touchscreen also helps with winding techniques and other data for printing. Data printing allows the user to prepare detailed reports of the winding process.

The establishment of a sound sales procedure to provide customers with speedy and convenient services, our products have been in the leading position in China for many years. We advocate a keen interest among customers and employees. We warmly welcome every customer who is searching for a quality cable winding machine manufacturer.

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